The thought of “Medicare for all”, or even lowering the age of acceptance into that plan, scares me. Do people really believe that we can accomplish this without substantial tax increases and even greater increases in our national debt?

Almost half of all Americans have health care insurance through their employer and the majority of those insured are quite satisfied with their plans.

We’d like to suggest that large group plans be formed that are not based upon where we work; that, for the most part, people can join any plan they choose and that plan stays with them from cradle to grave unless they decide to make a change, even when they switch jobs or go off on their own to start a new business.

Our proposed plan will cover all U.S. citizens and legal residents and will ultimately eliminate the need for Medicare, Medicaid and the CHIP programs. This proposal also contains the mechanics for creating the equivalent of a single payer system that’s not a federal or state governmental agency.

In addition, we’d like to highlight the following 6 points:

  1. Since all Americans will be covered, pre-existing conditions will no longer be an issue.
  2. Deductibles and co-pays are based upon one’s modified adjusted gross income – on one’s ability to pay the deductible.
  3. Although most Medicare participants will pay less with our plan than what they currently pay, some will find it costs less using Medicare and choose to continue with that program.
  4. Those laid off or terminated from employment (SUCH AS THOSE LAID OFF DURING THIS CURRENT PANDEMIC CRISIS) that are encountering difficulty in retaining, obtaining and/or paying for health care insurance for themselves and their families would still be able to maintain coverage under our proposed program.
  5. Insurers that currently provide health care insurance for employer-based plans, will be able to continue offering those plans (subject to making certain required modifications), but they will now expand those plans to cover those not employed by the company(ies) that they currently insure.
  6. It is not necessary that this proposed plan be implemented immediately on a nationwide basis. A select group, region, or state might be selected, any difficulties encountered may be tweaked and the program then expanded.

Please watch the following two videos: they explain the basics of the plan and provide additional information for employers, health care providers and health care insurers (including an explanation of our suggested “single payer” system). In addition, this website contains a written document explaining all the specifics of the plan in greater detail.

If you are in favor of our proposed plan, or in favor of the basic elements of what we suggest, please contact your local U.S. Congressional Representative and U.S. Senators.

A final note: We are a self-funded. Since YouTube videos number 1 and 2 are more expensive to redo or alter, any corrections/additions or modifications are contained in the written transcripts to those videos.

We thank you for your time.


Tom Dunleavy

Certified Public Accountant